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Welcome to Grebids Inc. Investor Relations


When was Grebids Inc founded?


Grebids Inc. was founded in 2009.  Product development and Conceptualization was officially completed in 2013 with its official Launch and further testing and corrections set for summer 2013.


Who are Grebids Inc. Employees?


Grebids is primarily an online portal with Web Development Headquartered in Richmond Hill, height increasing shoes Ontario and with Global Employees in Canada, United States, Europe, Asia, and cheap fake India.


Where is Grebids Inc. Corporate Office?


Grebids Inc. Head Office is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada with a subsidiary in Kolkata India.


Is Grebids Inc. a Publically Trading Company?


Grebids Inc. is currently a Privately held Company with a Board of Directors and has grown organically since inception.  Grebids Inc. plans to be a publically traded company on or before December 31, 2015.


What have been Grebids Inc. financing activities to date?


Grebids Inc. has grown organically since inception through the financial assistance of the cheap Board of Directors.  Organic Financing will continue until seen otherwise necessary.


Are Grebids Inc. Shares Currently Offered For Sale?


No further dilution of ownership is expected in the near term elevator shoes.


What is Grebids Inc. Financial Reporting Policies?


Grebids Inc. consolidated financial results will be reported in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).


How does Grebids Inc. Generate Revenue?


Revenue is generated from listing fees, postings and from advertising streams. Specifically levies a $5 listing fee when a posting is awarded to each party and a 5% commission fee to the freelancer.


Does Grebids Inc. own or Operate and subsidiaries or other online web portals?


Yes, Grebids Inc. is a holdings company that owns and operates various online web portals that are either nearing completion or currently completed.  They include:,, and a number of other platforms in development.

If you would like to learn more about investor events, discussions, presentations, or replica cartier watches uk marketing materials please send us an email to and a representative from Grebids Inc’s Investor Relations team will gladly assist you.

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