How does it work?

Green Electronic Bidding is an online web portal that connects buyers, service providers, and employers with businesses, employees and consumers to deliver one of the first end-to-end green web portal discount engineer codes

  • Join Now, Register as a Poster or as a Freelancer.
  • Complete the Manage Profile and Portfolio options if applicable.
  • If you are a Poster, Post a Project, Product or Employment Opportunity.  Simply click any one of these tabs throughout the site.  If you are a Freelancer,  place a bid for an open Project, Product or Employment Opportunity.
  • Establish communication amongst parties using the message board or direct communication if this is a Featured Posting.
  • Establish clear and concise milestones, expectations and pricing.
  • Preview a checklist of important criteria, if all completed, check all and then award your posting by selecting a bid.  Similarly, the swiss cheap fake watches freelancer needs to complete this step to accept a posting.
  • Set milestones.
  • Use credit card payments or to align your milestones with safe payments and added security
  • Rate each other.                

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