Green Electronic Bidding, green electronic bidding platform connects businesses, consumers and employers together in real-time with dedicated global green freelancers.


The ideology behind Grebids


Grebids?  Gr = Green, e = electronic/ecommerce, bids = freelancers bidding to win your green driven initiatives. 


At Grebids, we believe that going green is a process of connecting likeminded individuals to achieve likeminded results.  We believe that going green is a global agenda, and that if everyone makes a small effort to this means, lifting shoes it will lead to the betterment of our environment.


Through collaboration, we seek to empower green-minded businesses, consumers and employers to post their green requests at and allow green driven global freelancers to bid and fulfill these requests.  We are driven to create a green-based business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and employer-to-employee web network. is owned and operated by Grebids Inc. elevator shoes for men a global digital and media organization that strives to deliver green initiatives through the development and marketing of various digital web platforms. 

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