Green Electronic Bidding

Q.1 How Do I Register to become a User on and why?


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Q.2 What type of a user am I?

Q.3 What fees are charged for Posting a Project?

Q.4 What fees are charged for Posting a Product?

Q.5 What fees are charged for Posting an Employment Opportunity?

Q.6 What fees are charged to a freelancer for bidding on a Project?

Q.7 What fees are charged to a freelancer for bidding on a Product?

Q.8 What fees are charged to a freelancer for bidding on a Employment Opportunity?

Q.9 Are fees refundable?

Q.10 How do I pay a freelancer for services, products or employment?

Q.11 If I pay for a service, product or employment and do not receive my items what can I do?

Q.12 What if the freelancer asks that we perform the transaction outside of

Q.13 Can my account be reinstated?

Q.14 What if a freelancer agrees to a price and then requests more money?

Q.15 What if I am not happy with the service, products or employment delivered by the freelancer?

Q.16 Can I contact a freelancer directly?

Q.17 What if I contact a freelancer directly and have not paid for a

Q.18 Can I create a forum topic?

Q.19 Can I post responses to a forum?

Q.20 Are there filters to avoid illegal content postings?

Q.21 Are there ever promotions or free listings?

Q.22 How can I change my password?

Q.23 What if I forgot my password?

Q.24 What if another user has the exact same user id?

Q.25 How are the $5 fees and 5% charged?

Q.26 Why should I use

Q.27 What if a user is not responding?

Q.28 How can disputes be avoided?

Q.29 How can I obtain a refund for an employment posting because I'm not happy with the bids or did not receive any bids or interest?

Q.30 I would like to deposit funds from my account? Are there any fees?

Q.31 When are project fees paid?

Q.32 What of the posting price is later reduced, do I get a partial refund of the commission fees?

Q.33 What is a rating?

Q.34 How are reviews submitted?

Q.35 Can a review be placed even if both users don't participate?

Q.36 Can a review be posted prior to completion of a posting?

Q.37 Can I change the information in a posting?

Q.38 What are Grebids Inc's posting policies?

Q.39 What are bidding Days?

Q.40 Can you select a bid before the bidding days period designated?

Q.41 Do you have an affiliate program?

Q.42 Can I advertise on your site?

Q.43 How many ads can I place?

Q.44 How many freelancers are there?

Q.45 Can I display or copy or use your information on my website.

Q.46 How do I avoid from being ripped off?

Q.47 What do I do if I've been doped/scammed by a freelancer?

Q.48 How come my credit card deposit is rejected?

Q.49 Reporting abusive postings and language

Q.50 Someone has duplicated my posting, what can be done?

Q.51 Someone else has posted or used my account, what can be done?

Q.52 What are the Project, Product or Employment Posting Guidelines?

Q.53 What are the Project, Product or Employment Bidding Guidelines?

Q.54 What are Milestones?

Q.55 What if I cannot establish communication between the poster or freelancer?

Q.56 What is a ticket system?

Q.57 After logging in I am continuously logged out, what can be done to rectify this situation?

Q.58 How can I be notified if someone bids on my postings, or if I receive a message from another user? Do I only see these items if I log on to

Q.59 I don't remember my login id, password or security question answer, what do I do?

Q.60 What are Tags?

Q.61 What is a Posting Budget?

Q.62 What is a freelancer list?

Q.63 What is an Urgent Posting?

Q.64 What is a Private posting?

Q.65 What is Hide my Bids mean?

Q.66 What is a Featured Posting?

Q.67 What does Top Freelancers Mean?

Q.68 What is RSS Feeds.

Q.69 What Does Manage Profile Mean?

Q.70 What does portfolio category and management mean?

Q.71 What is Latest News?

Q.72 From which countries do the posters or freelancers reside?

Q.73 I would like to close my account, how is this done?

Q.74 What if I close my account and then decide I would like to re-open it, what happens then?

Q.75 What Does 20 latest Projects Mean?

Q.76 What does Main tab Mean?

Q.77 What if I do not find the answer to what I'm looking for?